Question: How do I know whether to rent a truck and do it myself with friends and family or use a moving company?
Answer: Renting a truck and using your friends, is “generally” a less expensive way to move; if you know what you’re doing and have reliable people to help you. The cost factor is a viable reason to do it yourself, if your help is dependable and able; and someone knows how to safely drive, load, and maneuver a big truck. Caution: Always have a spotter in the rear of your truck (person who can see your blind spots and steer you clear of overhead lines, vehicles, children and other obstacles you don’t want to hit while backing up!

Question: Is it better to go by an hourly rate or try to get a firm contract price beforehand?
Answer: On a smaller move such as an apartment or small house, not many movers have the time or inclination to drive out to survey your site to give you a guaranteed price. On larger moves, many companies (including us) will come out and survey your house or office and get you a firm price when time is available. Call at least two weeks ahead of time or longer especially if your move is to be around the end or first part of a month (the busiest time of the month for all movers.

Question: If I still have doubts about a company that I am considering, how can I be sure that I am picking a good company?
Answer: One surefire way to get concrete information on a company is to ask for some references- especially customers that they have recently moved.

Question: Is climate control storage safer and really worth the extra money than a typical weather resistant storage facility.
Answer: There are certain legitimate reasons for using a climate control facility. If you will be storing expensive electronics that are heat sensitive (computer equipment, large TV’s) or furniture that does not have a good hard finish on it (some antiques that have not been refinished in 50 to 100 years, for example), you may want to consider climate control. Also, anything that will be stored for a long period of time- 3 to 5 years, or longer. Otherwise, you will be over paying for storage for ordinary household or office furniture, appliances, boxes of odds and end equipment and office files and anything else that comes under the category of miscellaneous whatever!!!

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